3333             3333  777777   11    8888    
       33               33     77  111   88  88                                   
       33               33    77    11   88  88                                  
    3333  mmmm mmmm  3333     77    11    8888      cccc  oooo  mmmm mmmm         
       33 mmmmmmmmmm    33   77     11   88  88    cc    oo  oo mmmmmmmmmm        
       33 mm  mm  mm    33   77     11   88  88 .. cc    oo  oo mm  mm  mm        
    3333  mm  mm  mm 3333   77    111111  8888  ..  cccc  oooo  mm  mm  mm        
  Disappointing people, one at a time, since 1967.
2015-01-04  I'm back.  For now.  With capitalisation.  A $99 computer from 
Staples and a new $65 hard disk drive from a local computer store made it so.  
And some family-free time.  

I was surprised to see that the LCS still existed.  I figured with all the 
social media, pay-it-forward, YOLO, bucket list, selfie, mash-up bullshit that
has ruined computers for the truly deserving, the ones who have put their time
in, with emotional scars to prove, LCSes surely would have disappeared.

I enjoy blaming social media for everything that is wrong with this world.  
The only thing that can save us now is for Yellowstone to erupt with all her 
fury.  It's selfish of me to think this way, especially for my children, 
but honestly, let 'er rip.

2015-01-05  I promise you, this will not be a daily thing.  The main reasons 
for resurrecting this page are b-fold:  a) I'm paying for the web space; and 
b) I need a "go to" page for seldom referenced, but always "needed" 
information.  I will do my best not to bore with diatribes.  Were I younger,
I'd likely do so.  With age comes wisdom and wisdom shows that no one likes
a windbag.

2015-01-14  I use a bicycle for year-round transportation.  Even in winter.  
I have temperature thresholds and road condition limits, but, most days I 
perservere and make the 7 kilometre twice.  Truth be told, cycling in winter
is my favorite.

In the winter, even when outfitted with properly underinflated studded tires,
there's a good chance that at any given moment, the physics of soft rubber 
with tungsten carbide studs adhering to the ground will fail and I'll go down.
Please remember that when you are passing me way too close and way too fast in
your four-wheel killing machine.  

My .vimrc file

set nocompatible
set nowrap
set ruler
set showmode
set showcmd
set smartindent
set tabstop=4
set shiftwidth=4

My userChrome.css file

/* Display the sidebar on the right */
#browser { -moz-box-direction: reverse; }

#sidebar {max-width: none !important; min-width: 0px !important;}

about:config things I've set

ui.click_hold_context_menus      set to true  \
dom.disable_window_move_resize   set to true   \_ this stuff allows
dom.disable_window_flip          set to true   /  right-clicking
dom.event.contextmenu.enabled    set to false /   where blocked