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  Disappointing people, one at a time, since 1967.
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2015-01-04  I'm back.  For now.  With capitalisation.  A $99 computer from 
            Staples and a new $65 hard disk drive from a local computer 
store made it so.  And some family-free time.  

I was surprised to see that the LCS still existed.  I figured with all the 
social media, pay-it-forward, YOLO, bucket list, selfie, mash-up bullshit that
has ruined computers for the truly deserving, the ones who have put their time
in, with emotional scars to prove, LCSes surely would have disappeared.

I enjoy blaming social media for everything that is wrong with this world.  
The only thing that can save us now is for Yellowstone to erupt with all her 
fury.  It's selfish of me to think this way, especially for my children, 
but honestly, let 'er rip.

2015-01-05  I promise you, this will not be a daily thing.  The main reasons 
            for resurrecting this page are b-fold:  a) I'm paying for the web 
space; and b) I need a "go to" page for seldom referenced, but always "needed" 
information.  I will do my best not to bore with diatribes.  Were I younger,
I'd likely do so.  With age comes wisdom and wisdom shows that no one likes
a windbag.

2015-01-10  I have reached a new popcorn paradigm.  Don't just use salt, 
            use sea salt.  Seriously, popcorn with sea salt is a gajillion 
times tastier.  Read on for instructions on making the best popcorn ever.

2015-01-14  I use a bicycle for year-round transportation.  Even in winter.  
            I have temperature thresholds and road condition limits, but, 
most days I perservere and make the 7 kilometre twice.  Truth be told, 
cycling in winter is my favorite.

In the winter, even when outfitted with properly underinflated studded tires,
there's a good chance that at any given moment, the physics of soft rubber 
with tungsten carbide studs adhering to the ground will fail and I'll go down.
Please remember that when you are passing me way too close and way too fast in
your four-wheel killing machine.  

2015-01-28  Randomness:  Setting number of rings to voicemail on Virgin Mobile:

*94 and press "send".  Then when it answers, press 2-9 for the number of 
rings desired before the call goes to voicemail.  

Some sort of note about what looks to be setting up a sound card and 

sudo vi /etc/modprobe.d/alsa-base.conf
options snd-hda-intel model=generic

press "esc"
on 24-23-generic
cursor down to kernel
add "acpi=off"


make clean
sudo make install

Two years ago, or so, I experienced some severe upper back pain.  It was 
pain unlike I had ever experienced in my back.  Passing a kidney stone 
was worse, but this back pain was worse than the pain attributed to my 
vascectomy healing.  The chiropractor diagonsed it as a "cervical facet
joint sprain".  He did one manipulation and the pain disappeared.

2015-03-04  Japan was delicious.

2015-04-06  After a week of hand-wringing, I renewed this domain and web
            hosting for another three years (15% discount).  I really should
let it go, but like my gamlbing addiction, it's hard (heheheheh, hard).
Maybe next time. 

2015-04-08  Permissions:  -rw-r--r--

2015-05-21  Regardless of how it's marketed, bottle water is an
            inconvienence.  Maybe it's how I was using it, but not drinking
bottled water has made my life better.

I hated going out and getting the bottles refilled.  I hated having to think 
about securing the filled bottles to stop them from tipping over in the trunk 
on the return trip.  I hated driving even slower than I usually do when the 
bottles were "resting upright" unsecured in the trunk.  I hated carting the 
bottles in the house.  I hated having to transfer water from the 19 litre 
bottles to smaller 4 litre bottles because we were too cheap to purchase a 
water cooler that would waste space in the kitchen because of poorly 
laid-out plugins.

I hated the fact I was paying $2 for 19 litres of water when I get 2 litres 
of water out of the tap for a penny.  I hated the fact I wasted time and 
energy doing "water runs".  I appreciated the "family-free" time this often 
granted me, but using family-free time on a task that irritates me is 
wasted time. 

I really hated the fact that the bottled water I so religiously attended to 
only had limited use in our home.   A good deal of our overall water 
consumption was "Brita-filtered" fridge-cooled tap water anyhow, filtered 
to remove the chlorine the finished water has and the algal blooms that 
plague the source water; anything boiled was straight from the tap. 

But, mostly, I hated that I bought into the rhetoric of what bottled water 
is.  Sure, bottled water is "pure water", but it's also tasteless, dead, 
corrosive water.  I remember from university learning what reverse osmosis 
water was.  Yes, it has it's uses.  One of them is not drinking.  

If our tap water was questionable, I might reconsider bottled water, but, 
regardless of what others will say, our tap water is not.  I fault the City
for many things; delivering clean, healthy, inexpensive drinking water, try 
as I might, I can not.


My .vimrc file

set nocompatible
set nowrap
set ruler
set showmode
set showcmd
set smartindent
set tabstop=4
set shiftwidth=4

My userChrome.css file

/* Display the sidebar on the right */
#browser { -moz-box-direction: reverse; }

#sidebar {max-width: none !important; min-width: 0px !important;}

about:config things I've set

ui.click_hold_context_menus      set to true  \
dom.disable_window_move_resize   set to true   \_ this stuff allows
dom.disable_window_flip          set to true   /  right-clicking
dom.event.contextmenu.enabled    set to false /   where blocked



5 minutes

- 1/4 cup (60 mL) of popping corn
- 1 1/3 tablespoon (20 mL) of cooking oil that will not smoke when heated 
  in the microwave
- salt to taste

Hot oil is hot.  So is steam.

Popcorn is addictive.

Mix popcorn, oil and salt together in an appropriate vessel suitable for 
mixing popcorn, oil and salt together.  Once the popcorn is uniformly coated
with oil and salt, dump the mixture into a brown paper "sack lunch" bag (1).
Fold over the top of the bag twice to seal; folds of 2/3 inch (15 mm) are 
appropriate; use "origami" corner folding for extra style points.  Place bag,
bottom down, in microwave.  Microwave on the highest power setting available
for 90 seconds (2).  Remove bag filled with delicious popcorn from microwave.
Handle bag carefully as it is hot and oily and take caution opening to avoid
steam.  Enjoy.

Too little oil results in poor popping performance.  The popcorn is 
surprisingly "light" tasting as the paper bag absorbs a great deal of the oil 
while popping.


(1)    Taking the time to mix the popcorn, oil and salt well before dumping 
       has empirically shown to yield a more evenly salted end product in 
       comparison to adding the salt after the popcorn/oil mixture are 
       dumped in the bag.

(2)    Cooking time is equipment dependent.  It will take a few tries to 
       narrow the cooking time down to where popping is maximised and and 
       burning is minimised.  Using an LG ("Lucky Goldstar") 0.8 cubic foot 
       microwave, this "max/min" time is 75 seconds.  An older Danby 
       "Designer" 0.8 cubic foot microwave produces similar results in 
       92 seconds.